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When Albert Corn passed away last month at 95 years old, he was many things. As the last surviving member of his immediate family, he was a widower. He was predeceased by his wife Maria. He was independent, having lived alone in an apartment of 40 years, until just months before he passed away at the Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Methuen. He and his two siblings shared a rare distinction of living well into their 90’s…but this too contributed to the fact that Al Corn would be laid to rest with no one in attendance as a result of his siblings age and their inability to travel the distance required to attend their brother’s funeral service.

Aaron Mizen, as one of our Funeral Directors and our Veteran Specialist, decided to ensure that Albert Corn would not be laid to rest with no one in attendance. As a retired Marine himself, Aaron was also aware that of the many things that Al Corn was…He was a veteran of WW II. He knew as well that Mr. Corn enlisted in the Army at 19 years of age. Aaron also knew that Army Sgt. Albert Corn was a Purple Heart Recipient and that Sgt. Corn was assigned to General George S. Patton’s Third Army. Corn also fought on the beaches of Normandy and battled among the forces that pushed the German Army back across the Rhine. Of the many things that Al Corn was…he was also a decorated WWII Veteran that served with distinction. And so Aaron Mizen put out the word for deserved and needed attendees…and the call was answered.

Through Aaron Mizen’s efforts, people from the community came out in full force.  Networking through the Methuen Veterans Affairs office, efforts by State Representative Linda Dean Campbell, also a veteran, resulted in hundreds of people from the Merrimack Valley attending a very moving service.  Interment was at Elmwood Cemetery on a brisk but sun-filled morning. Representative Campbell eulogized Mr. Corn and folks in attendance, consisting of members of the Police Dept., the Fire Dept., VFW, Gold Star families and grateful members of the community witnessed Sgt. Corn’s service with full military honors. Media coverage was plentiful for documenting the well-deserved honor and respect that resulted that day.

Sgt. Albert Corn was many things…and we are grateful for his service.

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