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Our Aftercare Facilitator will reach out to you as you begin your journey of grief. We encourage you to reach out to our staff with any difficulties that you may be experiencing. Following a loss, your path can seem lonely and often endless. Expressing your feelings and your concerns can ease the burden of the process. In addition to providing resources, our staff can assist with the difficult task of paperwork, filing, insurances and the necessary but overwhelming barrage of issues, which interrupts your grief and bereavement.

Sometimes it is helpful and comforting to connect with a support group that may ease the loneliness that your specific circumstances may cause you. Often it is helpful to feel connected to folks that are experiencing similar losses. Your healing process can also help others who may be struggling as well.

In addition to our “Daily Affirmations” App, we also are pleased to offer a monthly cable-access TV program which deals with loss, bereavement and grief. The program deals with emotions, learning tools and other aspects of living without the presence of your loved one. The program is informational but is also inspirational as we share our stories of the path that we follow on our journey of grief.

Tune in on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am and again on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm on (Comcast) 22 and (Verizon) 33 or visit their website

There is no time limit to grieving. There are no terms or rules…it can’t be measured in time, and is rather measured in the intensity of the feeling at any given time.


“The last place we tend to look for healing is within ourselves.”-

Wayne Muller

May your healing continue…

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